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Holiday Tips to get your plumbing through the parties!
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Become pro active with your plumbing
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Holiday Tips to get your plumbing through the parties!

You may not be a licensed professional with all the tools and experience necessary to complete full-scale plumbing service, our team of plumbers at Precision Plumbing  recommends you take note of these  helpful tips:

  1. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Products:Though commercials on television may make chemical drain cleaning products look like a miracle substance, they acutally do not work at all. There are some professional products we carry that are effective for treating some clogging issues but call the professionals at Precision Plumbing to evaluate the situation.

Become pro active with your plumbing

Many of the customers we come across wait until there plumbing breaks down or leaks all over the floor before calling a plumber. Many are unaware of warning signs or proper maintenance and prevention of there plumbing equipment. Water heaters are one of the most common pieces of plumbing equipment we see being neglected or thought about. 
A good rule of thumb is to plan on replacing your water heater every ten years as this is their typical life expectancy. Why wait until it springs a leak or breaks down on a holiday weekend the family staying over getting cold showers.

Its time to update and change faucets and fixtures.

Faucets and fixtures don't last forever. Be proactive and schedule a replacement with Precision Plumbing serving Marinette and Oconto Counties.

Toilets not working like they once did? Sinks starting to clog easier and give you more headaches? Faucets rusting and failing at providing a steady flow of clean water? Well, it’s time to consider fixture replacements in Marinette, Crivitz, Coleman, Peshtigo and surrounding areas. When you consider just how much you rely on these fixtures every day, even just one of them malfunctioning can send everyday life in your home into a tailspin.
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