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Holiday Tips to get your plumbing through the parties!

You may not be a licensed professional with all the tools and experience necessary to complete full-scale plumbing service, our team of plumbers at Precision Plumbing  recommends you take note of these  helpful tips:

  1. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Products: Though commercials on television may make chemical drain cleaning products look like a miracle substance, they acutally do not work at all. There are some professional products we carry that are effective for treating some clogging issues but call the professionals at Precision Plumbing to evaluate the situation. Its easier to treat a slow drain then a clogged one.While you may be tempted to use them during an emergency situation, please avoid them at all costs.
  2. Do Not Throw Grease or Oil down the Drain: Throwing any excess grease or oil from cooking a meal down the drain may be your downfall this season, especiallysince it can harden and become difficult to remove. The hardened oil will also work as a magnet and attract any debris, making any passage through your drains impossible.
  3. Only Flush the Right Things: You should only flush human waste and toilet paper down the drain. Be especially cautious in lower level bathrooms that are served by a pump system. Many things can clog the impeller and ruin a good pump costing you a lot of money for replacement.  The following items will make for an easy clog: hair, baby wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, paper towels, bars of soap, etc. Instead, you should throw these items away in your household trash can.
  4. Provide an Alternate Source of Disposal: And speaking of a trash can, you should provide one in the bathroom to keep occupants from throwing anything down the toilet that shouldn’t belong there. Also, no bathroom is complete without a plunger. If you experience any sudden minor clog in the toilet, it will allow you to eliminate it immediately.
  5. Use Hot Water for Blockages: One of the most effective methods of drain cleaning is using hot water. If you are experiencing a blockage within your drains, all it may take is for you to run hot water down the drain on a regular basis to keep the risk of buildup down to a low. The hot water will work as lubricant and loosen up any blockage to make it easier to remove.
  6. If your water heater is past 10 years old replace it. Be proactive about getting it replaced. A flood from a leaking water heater can spoil any good holiday party. Besides, why wait for catastrophe to strike. Many problems can be avoided by updating appliances and fixtures as they reach there life expectancy.

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