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Become pro active with your plumbing

Many of the customers we come across wait until there plumbing breaks down or leaks all over the floor before calling a plumber. Many are unaware of warning signs or proper maintenance and prevention of there plumbing equipment. Water heaters are one of the most common pieces of plumbing equipment we see being neglected or thought about. 
A good rule of thumb is to plan on replacing your water heater every ten years as this is their typical life expectancy. Why wait until it springs a leak or breaks down on a holiday weekend the family staying over getting cold showers.
Some other warning signs to look out for are:
1. Water heater is not keeping a constant temperature
2. Water heater is making a rumbling sound.
3. Water becomes too hot.
3. Temperature and pressure relief valve blowing off
    NOTE: NEVER...EVER... this off to stop the leak. This is a safety device and doing so can result in injury or death of the people living in your home!

If your interested in replacing your water heater before it breaks down or floods your basement, just call the Professionals at Precision Plumbing.

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