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Dont be fooled by low priced contractors!!

Today we will talk about hiring a plumber and getting estimates. Whether your looking to install a water heater, water softener, toilets or faucets in Marinette, Crivitz, Coleman, Wasaukee or any surrounding areas you may want to get an estimate from your local plumber like Precision Plumbing.

The most important thing to look for when getting estimates is too make sure your locked into a price. Too many contractors like to put in fine print "this is only an estimate and prices may be higher or lower than quoted". Well according to Precision Plumbing, contractors who quote projects using that wording should not be in business. Getting a rock solid price on your plumbing project is what estimates are all about. 

At Precision Plumbing serving Marinette and Oconto counties we give rock solid plumbing proposals. The customer will not pay a penny more unless approved by the customer. YOu have my personal guarantee that we will not quote you one price and charge you another without your full understanding and acceptence. 

Bottome line: Don't be fooled by low priced contractors, you may pay dearly for it after the job is completed!!

Call Precision Plumbing today. We service Marinette, Oconto, Peshtigo, Coleman, Crivitz, Wasaukee, and surrounding areas!